Gitpoints - improve your development culture

Gamify all the Githubs

A game for your developer team to improve the code culture
where everyone your startup wins

We are in private beta


Level up your development culture

Write & review good code

Earn points

Get Better as a team

How it works

What gives points?

Collaborating effectively. Following best practices. Reviewing code, sending pull requests, increasing the test coverage... Be careful, don't break the build :)

Why would I get better?

Crushing candy does not give points. Providing feedback on a team mate's code does. Writing tests does. Our points and badges are an indicator that you are probably on the right track.

Is it a competition?

It is. The main competition is against our own team in the past.
We want to keep an eye on the progress and make sure those
deltas are positive. And, yeah, being the individual leader of the
sprint always feels good, too ;)

Get ready to become a more collaborative team

We are in private beta